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01-08-03, 09:32 PM
I'm thinking of buying a recon Rover V8 engine and need to know if I should check for a specific age or anything else.

Any help appreciated

Howard :) :) :) :)

01-08-03, 10:02 PM
Hi Howard, who are you thinking of getting it from?
You want to avoid Range Rover engines as I believe they have a lower compression ratio. As far as the age goes print off the list that is on this forum as it will help you put an age to the Engine. If you are going to get it from a reputable engine builder though you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Martin :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu

01-08-03, 10:26 PM
This is what it is advertised as :-

__________________________________________________ ___________________
fully recond cemacaly cleaned before painting built for kit car but used smaller engine comes with polished manifold that takes a holly carb carb in picture is not included. included also tublar exshaust manifold alternator starter mounts nice engine for kit car or rod can deliver at a cost
__________________________________________________ ___________________

I don't know if it's out of a range rover. (his spelling by the way not mine)


02-08-03, 12:24 AM
Hi Howard, is there any chance of you hearing it run? There are many risks involved with getting an engine like this, if it has overheated the heads can warp, when he reconditioned it, exactly what did he replace, some RV8 can have cracked blocks depending on previous circumstances. I think if I were you, unless the price is really good, or you can here it and then have a really good look over it this might not be the bargain it looks.

I fully rebuilt my RV8 and in the process learnt an awful lot about them. Although they will put up with an awful lot of abuse there are loads of things that really need attention when you overhaul them.

A really good place to pick up some pointers is the RPI site.

Hope this helps Martin :tu :tu :tu :tu

02-08-03, 12:26 AM
Forgot to say Howard ,you can tell the age and what it came out of by the engine number.

Martin :} :} :}

02-08-03, 12:21 PM
and remember if it's fairly new there's probably a good reason why it's not in the car...


02-08-03, 02:46 PM
Waiting for the engine number from the vendor before I leap in with both feet.