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22-08-03, 07:30 PM
Hi Guys, I've got a small leak from one of my RV8 water pump bolts. It's one of the bigger bolts that go either side of of the block water ports. Any ideas for an easy fix? Cheers, Trigger.

22-08-03, 11:47 PM
Trigger, I could be wrong but I seam to remember that you need to use a bit of silicone or gasget sealer on these bolts.

Hope this helps :tu :tu

Martin {-}

23-08-03, 10:40 AM
Thanks Martin. I did ease out the offending bolts by about an inch. and put some Hycolar on the shank. It stopped the leak but while test running the following day it started to weep again. I couldn't get the bolt right out as the alternator belt tensioner stopped it. Tomorrow I'll ge the bolt right out and clean it up and put some silicone gasket material on the shank. About 1/2" along and under the head and washer. Hope this works. None of the others leak and I did not use any sealant. However I always dip bolts in a 50% mixture of oil and kerosene before torquing up. I shan't disturb the others but will do the same thing if they leak. I'll have lots of test starts before I've finished! Have a good weekend. Off mountain biking myself today on the North Yorkshire Moors!

23-08-03, 12:12 PM

the four long bolts on the front cover/water pump all go through into the front of the water pump. You should use a thread sealer on these to stop the coolant running up the shank of the bolt. The leak you have shows that the bore in the case that the bolt goes through is full of water. These bolts corrode into the case and snap off, rather than coming out on old engines. Sealant under the head is not the way to go. the latest LR bolts have micro-encapsulated sealant on the threads.

Go down your local motor factors and get some thread sealant - seal the threads not the shank!


24-08-03, 12:26 AM
Hi Russ, thanks for the reply. I know we have had this on the forum before but couldn't find it on a search. The thread sealant you're talking about. Have you got a name for it or type? I might have some already. Also I thought the long bolts I mentioned went right through the water pump and the the front cover and threaded into the block on either side of the port holding the whole lot in place so I don't understand how sealing the threads will help. I put gasket compound on both sides of the gasket and thought I must have missed a small spot.

24-08-03, 12:40 PM

Depending on block age, most of the front cover holes in the block can be open to the water jackets on the front two cylinders - see pic. If your four 'long' bolt holes are not 'through holes' then your assumption that the water pump gasket is leaking into the 'tubes' that these four bolts go thru in the front cover/water pump must be correct. As I said in previous reply, you certainly don't want these 'tubes' full of coolant (which is what sealing the head of the bolt on the water pump boss face will do), cause the bolts will eventually corrode into place.

Depending on what pump you have, you can get a water pump gasket that has a bead of rubber on both sides to aid sealing, rather than the flat, 'card' type - which I would use a good smear of blue hylomar on both sides when installing.

Thread sealant I use is Loctite 572 (PTFE paste gas fitters pipe sealer) although probably 577 is the recommended one in this application (also acts as thread lock).


24-08-03, 01:14 PM
Gotcha now Russ. Cheers! I do have some of the sealant already. The Loctite 572 and also something similar which is used for assmebling out board motors etc. That stuff sticks like wotsit to the proverbial! Thanks again for your help. Enjoy the weekend. Trigger:)