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22-10-03, 08:37 AM
My next job is to change my engine from a 3.5 to a 4.6 rover, so before i drop the lump in if i wanted to improve it a bit more which fly wheel and clutch would be best for me. just for quick road use not for drag racing:D

And of course the next question will be where to get one from, unless someone has got something tasty they want to sell.


22-10-03, 09:00 PM

There's nothing wrong with a std SD1 cast flywheel lightened to about 22 Lbs (from eg RPI) with a std MG RV8 or TVR Griffith 9.5 inch clutch in a road car. Reasonably cheap option.

My personal choice for a road car, although a bit more expensive, would be DJEllis steel flywheel and AP green clutch (9 1/2 inch) (about 600).

IMHO the McCleod 10.5 has too much rotating inertia and losses any gain you get by fitting a lightened flywheel.

Alternatively fit one of these (approx 800)


22-10-03, 11:06 PM
Talk nicely to Steve at Chesman engineering in Coventry and he will make you a flywheel out of billet steel for a very reasonable 2** ish. They can also balance it which surprisingly mine needed. If you want I can look up his phone number for you. On Russ' recommendation I got a clutch for an MGBRV8 which should take the power OK and cost 145 from my local motor factors.


23-10-03, 12:00 PM
DJEllis steel flywheel and AP green clutch (9 1/2 inch) it will be then.