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03-01-04, 06:45 PM
Hi, can anyone confirm this for me ?

I've just changed my old starter on my BRA 289 for a reduction gear starter from a much later Range Rover. This has completely cured the sluggish engine turn over, but on the old starter there was a white / yellow wire going to a half-size spade connector on the starter solenoid. There is no such terminal on the new starter.

I noticed that when I started the car without this wire connected to anything, that the ign. light didn't go out.

Am I right in saying that it'll be ok to put this wire to the same (only) spade as the other wire ?, I very briefly tried this, and the ign light went out, but I don't want to permanently connect it until I know it'll be ok.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help,
BRA 289 Mk II

03-01-04, 09:43 PM
the white/yellow wire is for bypassing the ignition coil ballast resistor during cranking.
If you have a ballasted coil, you may have problems starting (weak spark) when the battery is a little low, or in very cold weather if this connection is not used.
You can replace the function with a standard relay if required.
If you don't have a ballasted coil, you don't need this connection.

I don't know why this would affect your ignition light though.
Do you have a standard internally regulated alternator, or does it have an external regulator box?


04-01-04, 08:00 AM

Many thanks for your swift response. The alternator is the normal internally regulated one, no ext. reg box. I think my coil is a ballasted one, as there are wires going from what I understand to be the ballast resistor to the coil. I do have a Lucas sports coil that I could fit if I could get rid of the ballast resistor though, or is it better to keep it and find a place for the yellow/white wire on the starter solenoid ?
Forgive me, but I'm not the worlds best auto electrician, it has to be simple for me,


04-01-04, 11:47 AM
The wire from the solenoid becomes live when the engine is cranking, this puts 12v directly onto the coil to improve the sparks when starting. In normal running this wire is open circuit and the coil is fed from the normal supply through the ballast resistor. The ignition light is earthed through the alternator so I've no idea why this should be on. Bell the wiring to make sure the wires go to the correct places.

To fit the sports coil simply get rid of the ballast resistor and the wire from the solenoid to the coil, wire the 12v direct to the +ve of the coil and the coil -ve to the ignition circuit, (points or electronic or whatever). The ignition light is normally fed by a 12v supply and earthed through the alternator. Commonly used is a parallel earth path through the oil pressure switch so that the ignition light comes on on low oil pressure as well as faulty alternator, so also check the wire to the oil pressure switch in case this is wired into the ignition light.


05-01-04, 06:13 PM
Many thanks for that Kev, I'll try just that with the sports coil. I presume that the wires that went from the out end of the ballast resistor, go to the same terminals on the ballasted coil ?ie. if they went to the + ive side of the ballasted coil, they go to the + ive on the 12v coil?
Distributor is a later SDI electronic, I assume it has no effect on this ?

05-01-04, 08:07 PM
No, don't wire it the way you've described. Unfortunately I don't know what your ballast resistor wiring looks like so try these steps.
1 Find the +12v supply TO the ballast resistor and mark it and disconnect.
2 Find the wire from the ballast resistor to the +ve terminal of the coil and remove it.
3 Find the wire from the starter solenoid to the ballast resistor and remove it ( may be connected direct to the coil)
4 The ballast resistor and its wiring should be able to be removed now just leaving the +12v supply wire that you marked.
5 Connect this wire to the +ve terminal on the new 12v coil and that should be job done.

The -ve end of the new coil will be wired as the ballasted coil. The Electronic dissy should have no effect it's only a switch.

If you're still unsure email me and I'll email my phone number to you so you can call me if you wish.


06-01-04, 05:57 PM
Kev, that's wonderful, I think I can sort it now, will e-mail you if I need to, but thanks a million,