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12-01-04, 09:42 PM
Some of you may recall my posts from months ago when I reported blue smoke on start up and thanks to the advice given this was isolated to crap valve seals on the heads. I decided to live with it but last week i picked up some very sensibly priced brand new RV8 heads which are now fitted,

after starting the engine for the first time all was well and it ran up to temprature with good oil pressure and steady tickover at around 750rpm. At around 90 degrees the fans kicked in but were noisy as something was caught between the fans and rad. I switched off to investigate, sorted the obstruction then turned the key to start up again at which point there was a 'click' and the engine seemed dead. I left it a few moments and tried again and it started but was running rough as if the timing was out, also on tickover the revs were surging. I switched off, left it for an hour or so, tried again and found it a bugger to start and when it did the engine was not firing on all eight. also when I hit the load pedal it hesitates and then fires with the engine leaping around the engine bay (must be pretty good mountings to stop it leaping into the next planet !) This effect can be reduced by disconnecting the vacuum pipe, so I suspect it is an ignition fault (I have checked that fuel is getting through ok - I have the sootyest plugs in Yorkshire)), could some one tell me if it could be the condenser causing this problem, I have a mallory dual point dizzy, have checked the points etc. Or could it be the coil/ballast resistor ?

I spoke to Holly at RPI and he says most likely the condenser but any other help would be useful.

If it is the condenser does anyone know if a compatible one from halfords for a land rover V8 is suitable or do I have to get one from RPI/Real steel ?


' and it was going oh so well '

Happy Jim
13-01-04, 12:47 PM

Sooty plugs = Rich running.

If the hesitation goes when removing the vac pipe your more likely to have too much advance kicking in under part throttle conditions (hence the surging), ditch this for the time being (plug the hole so you don't bleed air into the carb though).

If I were a betting man I'd say you have probably introduced an air leak whilst changing the heads/manifold - or possible cured one that you had earlier.



Keith S
13-01-04, 01:38 PM
I have replied to this under your other posting on the Pilgrim Sumo section,
good luck!
:-) :(

13-01-04, 10:29 PM
Hi Keith and Jim

Thanks for the replies.

I replaced the condenser and bingo she fired up first time with no choke or foot on the throttle.

Amazing what 3.49 worth of condenser can do for you on a wet and windy Tuesday night.


' and it was going oh so well '