View Full Version : tremec TKO and RV8

29-03-04, 10:47 AM
hi all

I have a ex TVR 5ltr V8 with some bits & bobs fitted by ray at V8 developments and would like to know if any one has fitted a tremec TKO to a RV8 and if so what were the problems if any. bhp estimated @ 320ish. but planning on supercharging at a later date.

I have been advised that the TKO is the better option.

could anyone please advise??

the dream is becomming real:D

30-03-04, 10:17 AM

I have an LT77 behind my ex-Griffith 5.0L. No problems so far after 20k miles of enthusiastic driving. Weight of car means reduced loads on gearbox under torque.

You could always go back to thr LT77 or the R390 type if TKO option fails. Early Griffs had LT77 later had T5.