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Phil McCann
06-05-04, 05:05 PM
Hi again

On my P6 engine, there is a pipe at the rear left (From the front) coming vertically out of the engine. This has a piece of rubber pipe on it which has been cut at some time.
What is this pipe for and where does it connect to?



07-05-04, 04:56 AM

This is the crankcase breather line and was present on SDI engines from around 1976(ish) onwards.
On top of the rubber pipe would have been an in line filter. The line out from that would have connected to the rocker box breather system and the outputs from all of these would have been fed back to the engine via the vacuum side of the carbs.
Fitted as part of the emission regulations requirements to burn 'unburnt gases' generated by the engine from hot oil etc.

Early engines didn't have this - only the rocker box breathers. It won't be necessary, especially if you are fitting a Weber or Holley. Just cap it off.


14-05-04, 08:43 AM

probably best fitting some sort of oil breather as you do need to releive the pressure buid up in your engine. if you don`t fit an oil breather the gases will more than likely find another way to escape your engine i.e. throw your rocker cover gasket. K&N do an air filter.

Hope this has been useful