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02-06-04, 12:55 PM
I am a bit concerned that reverse is difficult to engage. I have had the gear stick out to shorten it and have adjusted the ‘springs’ as per the manual. The forward gears are ok but lifting the stick to engage reverse may require two hands when sitting low in the car. Has anyone else come across this or have I done something wrong…….or am I just weak!!

02-06-04, 05:06 PM
Mac, it might help to know what box you are talking about :confused:

Martin :eek:

02-06-04, 06:42 PM
Hi Mac

If it's an LT77 (Rover) box and the two "springs" are adjusted OK on the cross pin it shouldn't be necessary to lift the lever - a firm push sideways should be enough.
Don't forget if the lever has been shortened it will require more effort than previously as you have (literally) less leverage.

02-06-04, 07:19 PM
Oops, never noticed it was in the RV8 section as I only ever click on new posts.

The mechanism to stop you accidental is on the drivers side at the bottom of the point that the leaver is located. you will see that the bottom of the lever hits a plate which when you push the lever harder will move down ( it is spring loaded ) and then the lever goes over so you can push it forward into reverse gear. you need to lower the plate on the adjustment screws and this should solve your problems. :rolleyes:


Martin :D

02-06-04, 09:55 PM
Oh dear I feel a fool, very many thanks for the help. Reverse is as smooth as silk when you select it correctly!!!!!!!!