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07-06-04, 09:45 PM
Just to say, you have to fit some form of immobiliser for the SVA test and I think it now has to be Thatcham approved but donít hold me to that part.

Insurance companies are unlikely to recognise any that arenít Thatcham approved and professionally fitted when giving a discount.

I have a Laserline system that cuts out three vital components, apparently making the car impossible to start without turning off the immobiliser or replacing the entire wiring loom. Watching it being fitted it would be impossible to work out where the circuits are cut without first stripping out the loom. It activates automatically when you turn off the engine for more than about a min and itís deactivated with a funny electronic key thing which apparently changes the code it send to the control box every time itís used. If anyone tries and fiddles with it then it sends a signal to my mobile phone so I know something is going on. I just hope it never goes wrong ;)

I think it cost about one hundred pounds, including fitting and the pager was an additional cost but I canít remember what it was. I was told it was just about the best there is and much better than fitting an alarm because you simply canít start the car to take it and no one cares about alarms these days. I know this from hot-wiring a friendís car in supermarket carpark once with the alarm going off and not one person came up and asked what I was doing even though it went on for a good five mins.

I went to my local alarm specialist shop, found on Yell.com, and took their advice which I thought would be the best option as no expense is to much when it comes to the thought of going back to find she left without me :eek:

She also has a tracker system that tells the police automatically if she is taken, you could tow her away, and sends a signal they can trace from their patrol cars. When located the AA will bring her home. Cost about three hundred pounds for life, which is exceptional value if you plan on keeping your Cobra for a long time.

Prices I've said are a couple of years old now.



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