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Grease Monkey
14-06-04, 04:07 PM
There are so many directions i could go in for a rant about this, but the thing i want to moan about is this:

On Friday SHMBO and I went to Dublin depositing the car at the Bristol airport long stay parking.

First off they mugged us for 36 for 3 days parking. This was bad enough.

Then, and this is the good bit, they expected us to leave the car keys so they could move it (which they did, why they felt it neccasry to move it 100 yards i have no idea)

And the unbelieveable bit is their terms and conditions which said that:

A) OUR insurance had to cover them to drive our car, as thay had none of their own, &

B) They would not be held responsible for any damage caused during the time they had charge of the car and the keys.

In other words we could have come back to find it scratched, dented or knackered in any number of ways, and they'd just say "tough, claim on your insurance!"


Not that any of you fine people would consider leaving your Cob at an airport, but i'd think twice about leaving roller skates with these cowboys.

14-06-04, 04:18 PM
I left my BMW at Heathrow, same sort of story, but returned to find it had a flat battery after 7 days, me thinks they left the lights on after they moved it!!!!!


14-06-04, 05:42 PM
I tend to stay at an airport hotel the night before the flight, the overnight price normally includes 14 days car storage in their secure carpark. I get to the flight refreshed, i know the cars safe under the hotel's insurance and it costs very little more than 14 days carparking :D

14-06-04, 07:19 PM
I am led to believe that if you pay for parking of any type if there is damage done to your vehicle the car park is responsible. Now i could be wrong about this, but you are paying for secure parking. Have we got any solicitors on the forum.


08-07-04, 10:03 AM
I live 3 miles from Gatwick... and I have a staff car park pass - not that I'd ever use it if I was going on holiday, because that's not allowed.

Don't speed either....

08-07-04, 11:13 AM

You could walk from there!

Tony B