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22-07-04, 07:45 AM
Hi there,

Although I've been building my FFR Cobra for some years now and am daily on the net, I recently discovered this forum. I hope to finish my Cobra this summer, initial building went quick but during 2001-last March nothing happened due to various reasons.

I invite everybody to visit my website at www.cobra-man.net (http://www.cobra-man.net) to discover the Factory Five Cobra building proces. It is both in English and Dutch, although the last entries haven't been added to the English section, so check out the Dutch section too.

25-07-04, 07:56 AM
Hi there and welcome.

Have you also joined teh Dutch Cobra Club - they are a very friendly group and I've been to several meetings with them.

25-07-04, 08:10 AM

Yes, I have been a member for some years now. I'm sorry to say I haven't been to many meetings since I think attending e.g. a tour in my Skoda isn't half the fun of attending in the Cobra. So I plan to become much more active asap.

By the way, although I use cobra-man as a nickname, my "common world" name is Ad van der Burgt.


28-07-04, 11:16 AM
Welcome Ad,

Nice car! See you in Europe sometime!

25-02-05, 12:29 AM
Interested to hear you are building a FFR. I'm living in the US and planning to return back to the UK, bringing a FFR kit back with me (along with all the donor parts).

The engineering looks good, the Mustang donor parts are tough and cheap as dirt to maintain and tune.

I'll check out your site - meanwhile if anyone reading this knows of anyone else who has brought a FFR kit back to the UK I'd be interested to hear how they got on.
Aside from obvious SVA problems like E markings and the fact it's LHD seesm like a winner to me.

25-02-05, 01:02 AM
very nice car and cool website.
Not to many FFR's here in europe so a rarity.