View Full Version : How bigs your pulley then guys?

22-07-04, 08:03 AM
Just a thought after speaking to my cousin who has a few problems with his 4.6RV8 running on the hot side. What diameter is your pulley on the water pump? I didn't realise there are at least 2 types. Mine's a 6inch variety, (honest) but I gather there is also a 5 inch too. Clearly this a case of less being more here as a smaller diameter will allow the pump to go faster & aid cooling.
Right, come on now guys, get into that garage with a six inch ruler & lets know how big yours is :eek: :D

22-07-04, 09:04 AM

not at work today but I'll check it out tomorrow for you. Assume you are on serp front end?

Of course it wolud be easy to knock one up in billet al in any diameter you wanted. be careful not to go too small though or you'll overspeed the pump and cause it to cavitate.


22-07-04, 09:43 AM
Before changing pulleys I would look closely at the design of the cooling system.A properly thought out rad,pipework and expansion tank set up will cool the 4.6 as good a a standard Range Rover.I can sit in traffic for a long time and the temp hovers around 100 degrees with the fans cutting in and out.I only have an SDI front end and water pump too.