View Full Version : premature rocker wear?

25-07-04, 08:18 PM
i have sripped my engine today ready to change my rhoads lifters for different ones.
when i removed the rocker shaft i noticed that the rocker on inlet valve no.1 had worn excessively (where it pushes the valve)? all the others are fine, i have removed the head and the valve which was ok.
i have steel rockers . it has worn so much it has a groove can anyone help?

25-07-04, 10:04 PM

I assume the rockers you have are the ones that look like an exact copy of the std AL ones - except in steel? (not actually steel of course, but Cast Iron). If one has worn and the others haven't, the most likely cause is that the surface hardening treatment on that one is not correct. This assumes of course that there is nothing strange about the top of that one valve stem compared to the rest.

Get it replaced FOC.


26-07-04, 11:00 PM
cheers russ, thats the only thing i havnt thought about, i think it maybe faulty as it feels tight on the shaft compared to the rest, i bolted it back on and ran the oil pressure up on the starter motor, oil was dripping from the other rockers and the bad one stayed dry.
like u said i think it has not gone through the correct manufacturing treatment . i have rung reel steel and ordered ali ones today, i understand these rev more free anyway

cheers mate

27-07-04, 08:33 AM
Dont just assume rocker.

Check why oil is not getting to this point.