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02-08-04, 10:08 PM

A quick question from a luddite.

I have lots of photographs taken with my digital camera, Olympus C450, at the HQ setting but they wont email because the file is too big. How can I reduce the resolution so that the photos wont time out on my server ( BT openworld). I'm running Windows XP.



Grease Monkey
02-08-04, 10:10 PM
Right click the image, select 'Edit' this will open it in 'Paint'

Then click 'Image' and 'Stretch Skew' and enter say 40 in the Horizontal and Vertical boxed.

Easy peasy. (Remember to save under another filename, so you keep the hi-res original)

02-08-04, 10:40 PM
Many thanks my man, you are a scholar and a gent, it worked a treat.



03-08-04, 08:23 AM
This is a cool trick in XP:

1. Select some photo files
2. Right click and select the menu alternative "Send To > Mail Recipient"
3. XP will now ask you if you want to keep the original size or make the pictures smaller!

Quite handy if you want to mail photos with reduced size... :)

/ Bowtie