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09-08-04, 06:03 AM

09-08-04, 07:38 AM
You seem to be doing well with your build.

09-08-04, 07:49 AM
Cheers but something does not look quite right.... !

Grease Monkey
09-08-04, 08:00 AM
This is supposed to be the cockpit, right? Where we can have a rant?

Well, i find it hard to express exactly how much a despise macs. WHY do people buy them ?! OK, so microsoft doesn't have a perfect record, if you want perfect ger Linus/Unix/Solaris, but macs just suck. I used to manage an IT dept of around 350 users split 50/50 between Macs and PCs, and the Macs were SO limiting.

Things i hate about Macs:

We had a motherboard go kerblooey. If it were a PC we could have bought a new motherboard from 100 different suppliers for 100 and fitted it ourselves. The mac was going to cost 600 and then we had to pay Aple to fit it - result we canabalised the (just out of guarentee) mac for spares and bought a PC.

We had a file on a mac we wanted to open, easy eh? It was a text file. On a PC you can do this in numerous ways. Open Notepad, then use it to to open the file, or could click on the file and select an application. Not on a mac. It got it into its head that there was no way we should be allowed to open this file because we didnt have the correct application. AHHHHH had to copy it to a pc in the end.

Third, whenever a Mac performed a file search on the network, and this is a good one, ALL OF THE OTHER MACS STOPPED WHAT THEY WERE DOING.! A little double arrow appears in the top corner, and the Mac freezes.

If you want to delete a file on a PC there are loads of ways. Right clicking, file - delete, dragging got the recycle bin etc. On a mac you have to drag to the recycle bin. If its buried under load of windows, tough, you have to move them.

You can only resize windows from one corner ?! WHY?!

Netscape 4.x on a Mac, the password field comes up as clear text, not ****'s WHY?!

On a Mac, you have to assign memory to each application, and when you run out everything stops working. A PC dynamically allocates as much as each app needs at any time and will use the disk if it runs out.

I could go on and on, ONLY MUPPETS who think, wow that s a nice colour, isn't it pretty, buy them.

Rant over....

Grease Monkey
09-08-04, 08:01 AM
Oh and Mikey, you don't spell AK like that...

09-08-04, 09:30 AM
Oh and Mikey, you don't spell AK like that... Na Na Na Na Na :finger::finger::finger::finger:;) :D