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11-08-04, 09:12 PM
Hi all,
By way of a starter...Ive been messing around with cars for many a year, mainly Triumphs, but have now decided to up the ante. I have bought the engine RV8 (mildly tweaked=220 bhp) holley carb/offy manifold and gearbox all off ebay - what fun that was very addictive, and just ordered the kit (Euro 427 - was Fiero Factory until recently) for the following reasons. At the budget end of the market Fiero always had a decent reputation for the quality of engineering and production, but their sales/support/build manual always let them down. Under new ownership (Nigel Ramsey) that is set to change and I am very impressed so far with the way things are developing...we'll wait and see.
For now can anyone help with engine ident. My No is 10A33121 ie SD1 manual 76-87, but how do I find out the exact year and what detail do we need for SVA (eventually). I look forward to future exchanges


11-08-04, 09:19 PM
Hi and welcome

Have a look at this link