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29-08-04, 09:22 PM
just been reading an article on fuel & natural gas reserves and it would appear that it is universally accepted that the worlds oil reserves are going to run out in 2024 and natural gas in 2026.At best there maybe enough deep oil fields that they could tap into to extend this by 5 years.Trouble is if places like America and China continue to up there demand for oil then the chances are it would not even last that long.Maybe 15 years at most.The bottom line is that it is going to run out almost definatly in our lifetime so there is going to be an awful lot of scrap cars(and Cobras) around.At least I suppose that there won,t be traffic jams unless someone comes up with idea on how to run cars on air , grass , bath water or maybe even cats piss .Even if they sort out the Hydrogen engine i don,t think that would be very cool in Cobra.Instead of a 350 chev you can have a 1 litre water engine .NICE. Still at least V5's and parts would be easy to come by.


Grease Monkey
30-08-04, 08:20 AM
Have you stumbled into the wrong forum by mistake ?

30-08-04, 01:27 PM
Can't you read quote (other off topic stuff)

30-08-04, 02:45 PM
Can you get a V8 fuel cell :confused: , would it rumble like the gas guzzler :rolleyes:

30-08-04, 06:31 PM
The problem is somewhat exagerated, there is no doubt that oil and gas will eventually run out, but as far as I believe (I used to spend half the year stuck on a little metal island in the middle of the North Sea) the quoted figures are for the reservoirs that are currently being tapped, or are due to come on-stream. There are many more as yet undiscovered reservoirs just waiting out there until the demand for oil is such that producing from them will be economically viable. Many of them are in very deep water or very remote areas, such as the Falkland islands. Also the fields currently classed as "spent" have had generally no more than around 50% of there reserves tapped, again it is just a case of being economically viable to get more out. With the rising price of oil and better production techniques this will happen soon.
Maybe with to help we should all use rover V8's and carbs no bigger than 300's. Personally I'm sticking to my 6.5l ford with a 750 double pumper.

30-08-04, 06:48 PM
Musings: If you kept a copy of Das Kapital (Karl Marx) or The Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith) under your bed you'd be less worried. You might argue how economics define history but you'd agree it largely does (along with metallurgy, medicine and increasingly electronics). We tap what we presently choose to afford. Equally, the price of oil is artificially high because OPEC is a cartel that regulates supply. The new producers increasingly do not belong to OPEC and are more inclined to pump oil than turn off the taps. The Arab producers get paid in dollars the value of which is eroded by hikes in the price of oil so there is some self regulation there. Then technology makes ocean drilling more possible so if we can aford the technology we can recover the oil at an economic price. Then you can worry about China's economic miracle imploding and reducing its demand but that might spark uncertainty that would push up the price. Oil will run out. But not just yet and meanwhile our volcanoes spew more pollution than all of out V8s, 6s and ahem 4s combined but apparently we are the global warmers. Romans grew vines here y'know. The wine never ran out either, hic!

31-08-04, 12:00 AM
Point 1 Not all Cobras are gas guzzlers, choose the right set up and you can get reasonable economy, just dont put a yank engine in it...........( duck ready for incoming flack )

Point 2 If the oil is about to run out what are the oil companies doing to replace their business.......I bet they have something waiting in the wings.......

Point 3 Bio fuels...........got to do something with the fields full of oil seed rape......

Its not time to panic yet, and lets face it as the saying goes " Necessity is the mother of invention"...........



31-08-04, 03:34 AM
[QUOTE]Point 1 Not all Cobras are gas guzzlers, choose the right set up and you can get reasonable economy, just dont put a yank engine in it...........( duck ready for incoming flack )
[/quote:a1a4575540] What a thing to say, if it aint doing less than 12mpg you have done something wrong :rolleyes: , no yanks indeed :p

31-08-04, 01:40 PM
I stand to be corrected re the yank V8 comments as the latest ones coming out of the US do not seem have the raging thirst for fuel that typifies yank engines until say the mid to late 90's.

Mind you if our fuel was as cheap as it is in the US we all wouldnt care a jot about fuel consumption.