View Full Version : Bit of schaedenfreude for you

Grease Monkey
15-09-04, 07:25 PM
For the uneducated, thats a german word meaning to laugh at other peoples misfortune.

We here's mine, living up to my nickname again... My hydraulic trolley jack exploded on me earlier . :-( :mad:

Purple AK
15-09-04, 07:45 PM
How on earth did you manage that? :eek: I've been working with trolley jacks for most of the last 30 years :rolleyes: And frankly done a lot of stupid things with them with regard to overload situations :o The worst i've had is the occasional wheel falling off. I guess the tool spends just gone up :D

Grease Monkey
15-09-04, 08:20 PM
Well it's been leaking like a good'un for a while and would only jack 3" or so, no use to anyone.

So I topped up the fluid, a little too much as it happened as while returning it to the horizontal the bugger exploded everywhere.

It is now what is known as FUKT. (Failed Under Kinetic Testing)

Purple AK
15-09-04, 08:24 PM
So it's NFG (No Further Good) :-(

16-09-04, 05:46 AM
Didnt anyone ever tell you if you pump it up too hard it might explode! :D :D

I guess the clue might have been in the " leaking like a goodun"!!

16-09-04, 08:45 AM
Couple Of Years Ago I Had A Similar Thing Happen, Jacked Up A Car And The Piston Cylinder Split In Half With A Big Bang, Scared The S**t Out Of Me


Grease Monkey
16-09-04, 12:31 PM
OK, heres another one...

My old spitfire had a bad case of metal moth on the rear of the main cockpit floor, just where the rear suspension tie bar connects. Lucky me had a (small) inspection pit. So in i jump, roll the car over me, and set about with a wire brush, a rag and a bottle of turpentine to clean off the tar and underseal.

30 minutes later i have a gleaming, rust and oil free hole, and a shaped metal patch for the offending hole. Weilding the welder in one hand and the mask in the other i set about sticking the patch to the car.

All went well until the stray sparks ignited the oily / turpentiney rags left lying around. Slight panic moving the car off me so i could get out, resulting in the turps bottle, which someone had left the lid off, getting knocked over. :eek: :eek: More fire

Needless to say i have been slightly more careful since about flamable liquids, welders and being trapped under a car.!!! Thank god the GD is plastic :D :D