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03-10-04, 05:21 PM
Found the attached while having a clearout, it made me smile

Grease Monkey
03-10-04, 06:12 PM
Accountant, Actuary and Lawyer in the bar having a pint. Well mineral water anyhow, discussing the benefits of the wife or mistress..

The accountant says ' You're better off with a wife. You get tax breaks, you need to spend less money on child care, far better'

The Laywer says, ' No way man, have you any idea how much a divorce costs? You want a mistress. Might cost more to run day to day, but overall in the long run you're better off.'

Finally the Actuary says, ' You're both totally wrong, you need both. Then you can tell the wife you're with the mistress, tell the mistress you're with the wife, and then you can work late at the office....'