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14-11-04, 10:22 AM
Hi all,

Due to heavy consumption of intoxicating beverages on the Saturday night before, Steve and I were unable to get to Octoberís meet.

However, the stalwarts and heavy weights amongst us convened at The Swan, Hoxne as planned and, care of my Bressingham correspondent, Mr Soar, had a pleasant afternoon. I understand there was a strong showing of 289ís amongst those gathered. I would guess there were many in-depth discussions about the Middle East conflict, concerns with the FT100 and views on the state of the UK shipping industry but, somehow, I doubt it J. Instead conversation ranged from fitting shiny bits to an engine, to the Le Mans 24 hours race.

Also, in my absence, welcome to new members Mike and Galena with their Pilgrim and Robin Cross in his Brightwheel Viper.

Thank you to those who have booked for our CRC East Anglian Christmas meal, weíll see you on Saturday 27th.

As I mentioned last month, weíre currently planning a calendar of meets for 2005. Thanks to Mike Spivey for his suggestions for pubs and local events for 2005.
However, I would still welcome your views and suggestions. If you fancy something different or know of a pub or event worth going to, please let me know.

Not much more news this month, I suspect a lot of you are tucking up your pride and joy in the garage for the winter, or continuing with you build or modifications to your car. Itís getting a bit chilly outside but letís just dream of warm, sunny days of top-down motoring and the burble of a big V8 engine Ö.. Bliss.

Ö..and so, to this monthís meet on Sunday 21st November at 12:00 The Fox Inn, Garboldisham,west Norfolk.

Garboldisham is on the A1006, about 8 miles west of the A140 and Diss. The Fox Inn is in the village at the crossroads of the B1111 and is a 17th century building with a good choice of food and local ales. The pub is on 01953 688151.

Hereís the list of the remaining East Anglian meets for 2004.

December 19th Ė West Suffolk - White Hart, Boxford

Thanks to all you cobrateers, keep calling, and mailing.

Bye for now,

Call me on 01206 863804, or mail me at "route66@pgen.net"