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02-12-04, 04:25 PM
Just to let people know,that i am now starting building engines to order, i have included an engine build to which i am working on on a chevy 350.The price i think is very competative , and will be for the first few orders taken.
i will also be working on a perfromer build which will be slightly cheaper.
i appreciate that most people will require different specifications of build but please give a ring to discuss.

AC Motors

Chevy Build specifications.

Performer style (rpm) spec For a Pre 1993 engine. SVA Friendly.

4 Bolt main block, stripped, cleaned and inspected ,particularly oil ways.
Block surfaces decked 30 thou, better for compression and using lower octane fuels.
Block rebored +30.
Hypereutectic flat top pistons.
Moly piston rings.
Crankshaft ground, oil ways radiused, (crankshafts can be tuftrided which will incure an extra cost ).
Conrods fitted with arp /miloden rod bolts. (Scat I beam rods/or h beams extra)
Camshaft 480/480 lift, 290/290 adv dur., 230/230 duration @.050", 110/118 lobe sep.
16 new Speed Pro lifters
Clevite 77 main bearings.
Clevite 77 rod bearings .
Durabond seamless cam bearings.
Pioneer brass freeze plugs.
Fel Pro full gasket set.
Cloyes 3-piece double row 3-key timing set .
Melling high volume oil pump .
Oil pump pickup .
Oil pump to distributor steel shaft.
Chrome timing cover.

Cylinder heads Bowel ported , stainless steel 2.02 intake and 1.6 exhaust valves fitted. (Edlebrock performer rpm heads available at extra cost)
Valves recut in heads,
Bronze valve guide liners installed .
New springs fitted to match camshaft.
Standard rocker arms (roller rockers can be supplied at extra cost)

The engine is professionally rebuilt , and will include photographs of the build.
Engine will be painted Black, although other colours are available.

Cost 1850

Because the items below are user specific I have not included these in my costs however, if owners do want to save money and not buy any or all of the parts below , I will supply the ones which came with the engine FREE of charge. Please note that it is up to the customer which option he choices. Alternatively , I haveparts,ie new water pumps inlet manifolds etc in stock. Which I can fit if required. If a complete engine is ordered I will then run this up on my dyno prior to sending it out to the customer. If you want any engine or manifold converted to fuel injection , then give me a call.

What is needed to complete the motor
Intake manifold
Exhaust headers
Harmonic balancer
Starter motor
Petrol pump.
Plug leads

Please note this engine even with the standard heads will make respectable horse power, particularly with the right combination of manifold and carburetion. With the Edlebrock rpm heads Edlebrock claims this will yield 420bhp and 415ft/lb torque.

If you have any requirement please get in touch. With

Adrian 0121 350 1116. I am more than happy to discuss your engine build.