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    Prop-to-diff flange bolts

    I've been searching, but most threads that I can find talk about the three-bolt flanges which take M12 metric bolts; I have the older style four-bolt

    aaronjb Today, 08:55 PM Go to last post

    Classic Replica Build

    Filling and sanding of the underside of the bonnet is almost complete

    KugaWestie Today, 08:44 PM Go to last post

    de dion front upper ball joint

    thanks all. going for it monday to change all settings to current ones as per later manual. plus i am suspect of the EPAS wiring. can anyone tell me as

    kernowcobra78 Today, 08:37 PM Go to last post

    Aaron's Dax De Dion build thread

    No massive progress - my propshaft arrived today and it looks the right length.. I just can't maneuver it in around everything else without taking the

    aaronjb Today, 08:36 PM Go to last post

    Door seal

    When fitting the door seal on my AK kit i notice that because of the door catch design it looks like the door seal needs to be cut short,its then a case

    methoni Today, 08:17 PM Go to last post