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    Stoneleigh national show

    1995 . Great quality video for the time.
    Bought my first cobra that year.
    You can tell by the clothes and hair cuts !
    Kit car industry

    jon1d Today, 01:47 PM Go to last post

    Stoneleigh national show

    Spoiler alert:
    Exactly....but that was the reward for watching the whole thing! I laughed out loud when he just walked off...and as I said in the

    KevinW Today, 01:15 PM Go to last post

    Stoneleigh national show

    I'm still ROTFLMFHO at 49 mins when he crashes the green car, the best bit was when he just picks the kid up and unceremoniously dumps him outside the

    427jlc Today, 01:02 PM Go to last post

    OMEX ECU setup

    It might not be related but I had two issues when I set my Omex ECU with my LS3 a few years ago...

    When I took the car for IVA it decided

    cperry Today, 12:54 PM Go to last post

    Bleeding clutch!

    Yes,a smaller bore will mean you have a lower bite point but if you have a high bite point at present you will lighten your pedal force and go some way

    jon1d Today, 12:33 PM Go to last post