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    JK Sportscars (Dax) sell two versions.

    Bannon Today, 08:25 PM Go to last post

    Rear end rebuild

    i understand the hubs are handed but does it matter which way around these go? Not even sure I knew which way they went on the XJ40 when I did mine.

    GDCobra Today, 08:23 PM Go to last post


    Im sure AK do one now.

    pevans Today, 08:12 PM Go to last post

    SRV8 door fitting

    Thanks BigBlock, that all makes complete sense actually.
    I currently have the back edge sitting a little proud where the latch is but the main mismatch

    pevans Today, 08:11 PM Go to last post

    Front Spring Change

    Must admit I looked at mine and did wonder. Ok they'll have to come off then. Hopefully shouldn't be to difficult!
    Thanks Jim

    martin_t Today, 08:05 PM Go to last post