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    Road Tax Exempt?

    Under current legislation, vehicles over a certain age are exempt from road fund license, which propmpt me to ask two questions.

    How old does the vehicle have to be for this to apply?

    If I use a Jaguar donor vehicle which is tax exempt, would this also mean that my GD when complete would be tax exempt, assuming I go the age related plate route?


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    RE: Road Tax Exempt?


    My understanding is that for kit cars you have to pay road tax however old the donor may be.

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    RE: Road Tax Exempt?

    I recently phoned the DVLA on this subject. Any vehicle registered on or before 1973 is be eligable for the free tax, it used to be a rolling figure
    i.e if your vehicle was 20 years old but as too many cars of this age were surviving and too many people were taking advantage, it was stopped so any vehicle as i say pre 1973. You are wrong in saying that any kit car cant have a tax exempt tax (Historic Vehicle) i know many who have it,however i'm not sure on this point they may have been registerd before the SVA , maybe if you have your donor parts log book 1973 you can get away with it, I'm sure someone will
    answer that in the next thread.


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    RE: Road Tax Exempt?

    Not sure what happened to my reply to the similar thread? does the word 'illegal' make it get deleted automatically? (I guess I'll find out in a minute!!)

    Having spent many days last year on the phone to the VRO 'negotiating' the registration of my car, I'm pretty sure you can't now get your car correctly registered and be tax exempt.
    Their rules seemed pretty clear (in the end!!); if you have only one rebuilt part you can register as new, if you have two or more from the list you can have a plate related to the age of the donor parts (this is what I have) - usually (but not definitely) you need the V5 to prove this, or you get a Q-plate. In all cases the date on the resulting new V5 will be the same and this is what the DVLA use for charging tax.


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    RE: Road Tax Exempt?

    Tax Exemption came around as a rather "British" thing. We the Brits love to tinker with old cars, and maintaining our automotive history, the Tax Exemption was originally called exactly that "Tax Exemption" and was for all cars over 25 years old. 1st problem. The DVLA computers found that the amount of vehicles registered as originally taxed, and the number now taxed but as 'Tax Exempt' seemed rather different. What seemed to happen was that volume in the Tax Exempt class ballooned to a level they never expected, either there have been a Huge number of restorations, or possibly more likely.are some large number of individuals abusing the system, and perhaps illegally avoiding paying Road Fund Licence?
    So, just what is, and what is not a legal means of having Tax Exemption?
    First the name has changed and is now known as "Historic Vehicle", if classed as this then Nil Tax payable although you still need to apply yearly for Road Fund Tax - it just doesn't cost you anything! The Rules for eligibility on Historic Vehicle means it must be over 25 years old at the point they introduced the Tax Exemption class, and holding 8 points under the DVLA points build system. If newly rebuilt or restored, with the Reg. number unknown, or built out of parts then another option is, (other than having the 8 points as above), under the classification of "Reconstructed Classics". For this the rules state it must be a "Vehicle comprising genuine period components of the same specification, all over 25 years old, will be assigned an age related registration mark. The authenticity of the components must be confirmed by appropriate vehicle enthusiasts club" So, in summary, the rules for claiming Tax Exemption/ Historic Vehicle are that it must be of the correct age, and fall into either of the classes above.


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    RE: Road Tax Exempt?

    My mate has a'58 Fordson van that was rodded in 1994 and given an age related plate and had to pay road tax.After a lot of searching the builder found a reciept for the original purchase of the van.It is now registered as a '58 and tax exempt.Dont help you much but he's happy.
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