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    Ford bearing numbers decode...

    Can anyone decode the numbers on these Ford bearings?

    Rod bearing : top number 10A-71-2V (Does this mean a 1971 2V engine ? what about the 10A?)
    Next number: C50E-6211-A-B (Now I think this could be a 1965 bearing, but what does A-B mean?)

    Main Bearing: Top number 10A-71-P
    Next Number: C50E-6333-A-B (Again a 1965 bearing?)

    They are marked up with the Ford logo and no indication as to size so I am hoping they are standard. does anyone know?


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    Re: Ford bearing numbers decode...

    Ford Part Numbers:
    the part number is divided into 3 sections
    The prefix (C50E) this identifies the engine type
    The middle bit (6211) this if Fords generic number for a rod bearing and still is today.
    The suffix (AB) this identifies the actual design level of the part.
    Often bearings are colour coded to identify the various grades, this marking disappears when the engine has been run for a while, which isn't very helpful.
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    Re: Ford bearing numbers decode...

    If there's no size they should be standard.


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