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    Hello Viper group!
    Not quite sure how this works but gonna have a go anyway. Sound like the Viper theme tune? Is this post public or just for the group? limit is 1000 characters!

    I bought a part finished Classis Replicas Viper IV from 1998 in late 2003. Its Sierra based with stock Rover V8 and SU's. Its has 80 x 40 box steel rails and sheet metal floors and footwells and a square (ish) tunnel. I think it was designed for a V6 ford engine as the rover is jammed in! I've used BMW steering column and entire loom although the clocks are Smiths. Seats are from an Alfa 147 and the dash is from a Wolsley 1500 but I'll need to change this as it's going to fail IVA.

    Been working on it on and off and have had to build 2 garages for it so far! I think its nearing completion but keep thinking of modifications to make mostly inspired by problems and foolishness!? latest one is steering geometry!

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