North West Cobra Owners

  1. davidlatimer
    Calling all cobra owners/builders in the north west, lets see how many there are out there. Please join and invite others
  2. mikec
    Hi David. I'm living near Warrington and recently became the proad owner of a Python.
  3. badcob
    Hi guys how you doin?
  4. jjhotrock
    Hi David have you got yours through SVA yet?
  5. davidlatimer
    Yeah mine is on the road as of last week, so if you see a met grey beast you know who it is
  6. Leg427
    hi all, just posted my first thread in newbies i have owned my legendary cobra 427 for about 3 yrs now shes been garaged all this time any body own one ? any body going to tatton on bank hol ?
  7. Mr funk
    Mr funk
    I Keep seeing a cobra in ellesmere port, person about 50 (sorry if wrong) is that chap here ?? i have waved to you about 3 times while passing in mine.
  8. DFitton
    Just joined the Group. I'm in Shaw, Oldham.
  9. Leg427
    tatton park , beutiful weather ouch red raw ! so many cobras excellent examples and freindly club members what more can a guy ask for ,nice to see ann and ian ,karen and hub sorry forgot ya name pls do tell me look forward to seeing you all at the next meet.
  10. Leg427
    Hello guys,
    has any one got any pics of a cobra in light blue with yellow stripes down the car with racing number plates on the doors, maybe bonnet and boot and Decals on the wings.
    Thanks, Chris
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