North West Cobra Owners

  1. Mikewood
    Hello All ... Just joined the group ... looking to build my own Cobra ... I prefer the AK Cobra ... will be at Tatton Park in August on the Sunday ... Location Hollinwood Oldham ... Mike ...
  2. Leg427
    mike c how u doin mate have you had the beast out yet tell us abit about it you got any pics?
  3. Leg427
    by the way hello mike w welcome to the forum
  4. Mikewood
    Thanks for the invite looking to buy now the 351W awesome engine ... anyway watch this space ... see you at TATTON
  5. GARY
    just recently joined the Cobra Club, althuogh i`ve been in it a few years ago when i was going to start building one, then i did`nt manage to get around to it, as has happened around 3 or 4 times before.
    I have decide recently i would be better for me to buy a ready built one so i can just enjoy owning and driving my dream car, or the next best thing cos i can`t afford a real one.
    I have my eye on a RAM SC Cobra i know is soon to be available not far from where i live in Urmston,Manchester, i`ve been to see it and is of a very good spec, and build.
    One question i have to anyone is the car in question is without sidepipes and as much as there are good & bad points about them i would really like them on a Cobra, so has anyone fitted them on a Cobra that has previously had an underslung system on, and roughly how much, and where i could get this done.
    Any answer`s would be appreciated, regarding this and anything Cobra orientated,
    cheers, Gary
  6. Leg427
    hi garry welcome m8 , i am currently building a legendary 427 cobra i would say if u want sidepipes put them on although they can be a bit costly ,they add to the asthetics and the sound track too ! i have been advised to use jp exhausts at macclesfield they do patterned exhausts for 3.9 tvr engines going in kit cars so is good for me i would imagine they do other types to also try blueflame exhausts at skelmersdale i belive they used to do the original tvr exhausts ! good look m8 dont forget stafford kit car show this sunday you may be able to pick up some bargains !!
  7. mikeeason427
    hi just put my new chevy 350 engine in and doing the running in miles, does anyone know anywhere local with a rolling road which can set up my edelbrock carb with the calibration kit and give me a read out of the engine output. cheers mike.
  8. louisxiv
    Hi everyone, there's no going back now 300kg of dead jag in the garage and a 351w block arriving on monday. I'll soon be hounding everyone for tips and build help. in the mean time if anyone knows of any bits of a 351 going, please let me know. Going for new heads, crank, pistons and rods but any bits like water pumps and alternators would be considered bought if they are clogging up your garage.
  9. cobtoe
    hello guys and girls just joined hope to meet some day im from warrington and im a proud owner of a pilgrim cobra
  10. Leg427
    wakey,wakey all its time to come out and play anyone going to the northern meet tomorrow?14 feb. sorry its been so long guys the snow has gone off the ground and i'm restless for me garage!have now got my 3.9 engine fitted with manual gearbox and new clutch ,prop is fitted now for the tricky stuff alternator, fuel pump and lines ,cooling system ect,anyway hope to see some of you on sunday?
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