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    corn plaster

    Tig welders

    It all depends on length of cable and it's rating. If you have a long run of cable to your garage you may need to upgrade the cable plus the mcb. My mig

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    corn plaster

    Parcel delivery

    As long as your early Xmas present arrives safely.


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    Tig welders

    The input current figures look odd - 13A for a 160A machine and 28A for a 200A machine. My 200A TIG runs on a 15A socket. It depends what you are up to

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    Parcel delivery

    Possibly so, although that's no problem for me as I have access to pallets, most people don't and I can't expect the seller to source and buy a pallet,

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    Views on using a stop leak oil additive (such as Wynns Engine Stop Leak)

    Thanks guys - some people have suggested it could be as simple as the oil being 'too thin' given it is synthetic. I thought I'd try a quick solution of

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