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Thread: Duxford cost

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    Duxford cost

    Would I be right in thinking that if I arrive at Duxford by myself and show them my CRC membership card, they'll charge me 12.50, but If I arrive as a member of the public it's only 8.50/

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    RE: Duxford cost

    From what I am told (by RObert) "yes" is the answer.

    If you are travelling on your own you're best pretending that you do not associate with this rabble!


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    RE: Duxford cost


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    RE: Duxford cost

    Now lets get this right, 12 per CAR for club members. 8.50 per person.per
    person to the public so if you have 2-4-6- in a car it will cost 12.50 per car
    so this is a big saving, ok if you come on your own ,you lose out. cant help that,sorry. Duxford gave us a good deal you save a lot of dosh if you can get 8
    people in a Cobra.


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    RE: Duxford cost

    Stop whinging you ######## - it was a great day at a great venue, and if you were to stop pussy footing around in that car you would use more petrol than that in a very few miles!!!


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