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Thread: Failing the SVA

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    A sorry end to the tail.

    Back when i started this thead in 2005, I knew that things woudn't go well when I got to the bit where I mixed with beauocracy. Apart from anything else, I don't have suitable transport for taking cars to IVA tests, and I certainly wasn't going to try driving it 25 miles when it had never been out of the gate. So around 2006 -7 things slowed down a lot. The car was finished in 2007, but then I read more stuff on here that meant it wasn't finished after all.

    I decided to ask for help, and rang Pilgrim. Den Tanner said, yes, no problem, and they took the car away. From what I can gather, IVA passing is a good part of his business in the current economical climate.

    I sent off my documents and money to VOSA and waited for an appointment. Meanwhile, Mark, the Pilgrim mechanic, sorted out a few things that needed done, as I had requested - the emissions and other minor bits and pieces he knew about that I didn't.

    Nothing happened. I knew it took time to get an IVA appointment and I had other things to do - I don't NEED a Cobra - but by July I was sure that this was too long. I called VOSA and got an unhelpful lady who basically told me to wait my turn. More time passed and I rang again. This time I got a very helpful chap who told me there'd been a cock-up, possibly at the testing station at Gillingham, and he'd sort it out, which he did. The car went there last September.

    The basis of this thread was that you couldn't pass first time, because they keep changing the rules and adding more stuff, and I was right. A few obvious problems - speedo wrong, as we had no way to really calibrate it - back brakes binding, as it had been sitting round in the garage for years, and steering not centring properly.

    And a few very non-obvious things. Amogst other things, the tester pressed the brake pedal, and said that the top of the scuttle moved. Mark says that there's no point in saying that he takes cars for testing every couple of months and no-one said that was a fail before.

    So back the car went to Pilgrim. Mark undid the pedal box and put a solid steel plate on top of the scuttle and bolted the whole lot down again. He then had to replace the VIN plate and re-stamp the chassis number as that's where they had been. He did the other stuff too.

    Off to Gillingham again, where the car failed again on both the brakes and the plate on the scuttle. As Mark had basically rebuilt the back brakes this was a surprise, as MK3 Sumos don't fail on back brakes (says Den). As for the big fat steel plate on the scuttle, it had to be welded down, not just screwed down. Silly us.

    They took the car to an MOT testing station and had the brakes checked. It passed. Either we're all driving in dangerous cars, or the IVA test has a problem. Den had Mark do some "adjusting" to the brakes, to make them less effective still.

    Once more to the IVA, and it passed. I have the safest car on the road - maybe.

    Next the DVLA. Den offered the services of Penny, the lady who does "everything else" at Pilgrim. Initially I agreed, but then thought it would be a whole lot quicker if I took the paperwork to Brighton myself. Penny sent me the stuff for my signature and cheque. The paperwork includes a sheet with the VIN number and engine number as checked by VOSA. It also has something called the build sheet, which asks about whether you have receipts for the the main parts of the car. I don't have one for the engine as it came a long time back from a chap who had it lying around in his garage. He had two, and charged me 30 for both. We didn't know that anyone would care. I still don't. I rang the DVLA to ask, and was told by the lady there that I would have to ask Brighton. She wouldn't connect me to them though, and said I would have to go there. As it's 50 miles away and parking in Brighton cost a fortune I didn't want to go twice. Apparently she should have informed the Brighton office and they would have rung back, but they obviously don't brief their staff well at the DVLA, because though she wanted to help, she didn't know that.

    A few days later, I went to Brighton with lots of bits of paper and money. It's only because of Penny that I had the right pieces of paper, because there's no way to find out from the DVLA. I handed my stuff over and after consulting someone else, he said they needed to inspect the car. The fact that they just needed to check the VIN, chassis , and engine numbers as already done and noted by VOSA was irrelevant. Also, the car had to be brought to the office in central Brighton, as they only have one man now to do these checks. A quick look here - VOSA IVA and DVLA Registration of Kit Car - Better Regulation Executive (BRE) shows that they should have no-one doing it, as the practice of duplicating checks done by other bits of the DfT was abandoned a year ago. Very good, but no-one told Brighton. So my car went onto the back of the Pilgrim truck again for a two minute check ten miles away. Mark had to take the car off the back of the truck, as health and safety prevent the checker getting up and having a look.

    And so my tail, and my part in this thread, is at an end. It's been a year, and Pilgrim's services have taken many hours and cost nearly 4000 inc VAT. Apparently at Pilgrim they haven't actually charged all the hours because Mark was getting sorry for me.. The car came back yesterday. Perhaps I should have built the aeroplane instead, which was the original plan.


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    I tried to edit the previous post but the system won't let me.

    First - I meant TALE not TAIL. Stupid. Second, I should have said, and did in the original draft (that I altered) that the car went to Pilgrim last April.


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    Well failed my iva today in Aberdeen only 4 things to fix.exhaust noise 102 db at 3700 rpm so bit of work there.
    Emissions out was given time to tinker but after several goes still failed even changed main jet came down lots but in the drama of it all forgot I had adjusted the timing as got an old duff starter on as new one packed in a Couple of days ago. So will have to go to my local garage and have a play with their analyser. The 2 surprise items were my rear fog light didn't have a B or F marked on it and I didn't have terminal covers on starter and alternator terminals.
    I thought the experience was going to be unpleasant and stressful but the tester made it quite the opposite even with my car failing. So thanks to Doug the tester in Aberdeen and I will be back soon with the car to get it passed.

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    IVA today was all going well, speed, noise emissions, brakes, projections, wiring, all fine and happy. 2 failure points:
    - front indicators were below the 350mm height. The measurement is taken from the ground to the LOWEST point of the light. I'd measured mine from the middle. Should be easy to fix with a combination of jacking up the suspension some more and possibly moving the whole light.
    - Self centering. Given it is a MKIII with the new upper suspension arms I was surprised. It is self centering, but if you turn pass 1/2 way and pull away the steering goes the other way towards full lock and he considered it dangerous. I take his point. See thread in main Pilgrim forum for a discussion on how to fix it...


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    A good result - only two failures and relatively minor.

    I also have the self centering problem when near full lock. Tried to search forum for solution, but can't find anything. Could you please provide the link?


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    Just a short comment although I know it won't help any of you:
    This is what we are fighting with German TÜV since decades of years.
    It's as well the main reason why Germans try to get cars from the UK. They have registration papers made in the EU and so they have to accept them.
    There is no chance at all to bring an unregistered car that age and tecnology on the road in Germany.
    Sadly (even wth brexit) it seem to start everywhere.
    Redtapism will take our last fun field.
    Of course security is important. But how can things become danger while they have been good enough for a long time?

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