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    Worst Journey Home...

    Just to say thanks to the ladies in the tent at Stoneleigh for fixing me up with water to 'top-up' my header tank. Top-up? 'fraid not.

    What happened next? We had to leave at 3.00 p.m. to be back North for 6. At Donnington Park Services, whilst filling fuel, a guy tapped me on the shoulder and said " Nice car mate, did you know it's p***ing fluid out at the front?"

    130 miles still to go and the M'em Sahib not amused. I diagnosed a huge hole in the rad, so a bottle of rad-weld and re-fill of the system with coolant and off we went, stopping at every services on the way. Just before Leeds, the head gasket blew, back-pressure forcing what little coolant there was from the overflow.

    How we made it to Catterick (15 miles still to go) I don't know, but we did, before the Ford 302 groaned 'enough'.

    Never been more glad of my Brittania breakdown cover!!:angel: Guy was there in half an hour and had us home in 1. G & T by 9.00 p.m.

    Car now booked in for a top-end sort and rad-mend. Bummer.

    Enjoyed the show though.:thumb:


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    Re: Worst Journey Home...

    if you get problems with a holed rad again remember to remove the rad cap and it'll preserve what water you do have for longer pressure to build up and help it pee from watever hole/es you have the cap only serves to increase the boiling point(*) but if you've got no WATER it'll boil quicker won't it!!
    (*) this is really only valid when you're stationary in traffic say and waiting to move off before it cooks on a redicullously hot day.
    ' hope this helps anyone else in a similar situation in the future'
    (any radweld or whatever you do then put in also has a better chance of staying in!!)remember to flush that gunk out before you get a new rad too as it plays havock with heater matrixes...

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