Hi Guys,

Having sourced the following items, the plan was to purchase a bodyshell from either AK Sports Cars or more likely from Hawk Cars (they can supply a U.S. Hi-Tech bodyshell which is incredibly accurate, the moulds having been taken from a genuine AC Cobra) and then build myself a highly accurate Cobra replica. Unfortunately I haven’t got the time, enthusiasm or money left to finish the project. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to sell the following items, is Ebay a good method? Or should I use the classifieds? I am asking £500 the lot. (I have pics if anyone is interested)


James Green (Aircraft Stress Engineer)

Items for Sale:

  • Highly original chassis and body frame plans from Cobra Restorers Ltd in the U.S.A.
(Purchased new for $199.95 + P&P)

  • Cold Drawn Steel Tube all 1/8 in. thick
4 in. O.D. Main Chassis Rails (2 Off at 108 in.)

4 in. O.D. Chassis Crossmembers machine cut to fit chassis rails. (3 Off)

4 in. O.D. (Length = 48 in.)

4 in. O.D. (Length = 27 in.)

3 in. O.D. (Length = 161.5 in.)

3 in. O.D. (Length = 48 in.)

3 in. O.D. Chassis Crossmember machine cut to fit chassis rails. (1 Off)

1.75 in. O.D. (2 Off at 133 in.)

1.5 in. O.D. (Length = 114 in.)

1 in. O.D. (Length = 108 in.)

1 in. O.D. (Length = 36 in.)

(Purchased new for £300)

  • Machine cutting of above crossmembers to insure perfect alignment with main chassis rails
(Cutting cost £60)

  • Jaguar XJS Front and Back Axles – Comprises Hubs, Uprights, Output Shafts, 3.07 Limited Slip Differential, brake callipers etc. Lower wishbones have been discarded, as they cannot be used with the above chassis.
4 Steel Road Wheels – These are only suitable for getting the chassis rolling, as most builders will want to use replica alloys.

(Purchased for £250 from Jagcats, Ackworth)

  • 1969 Daimler Sovereign Log Book - This Log book was purchased to allow me to register the car on an age related plate when used with the above axles. As it is pre-1973, it would then be possible to dress the car with period Black/Silver number plates for greater authenticity.
(Purchased for £100 from P. D. Sportscars)

  • Adjustable Rod Ends and Suspension Tube Inserts – Designed to thread into the upper wishbones to allow camber adjustment.
(Purchased new for £60, from Mike Broad at Magnum Sportscars)

  • Haynes Manual – Jaguar XJ6, 1968 thru 1986, Series 1, 2 and 3
(Purchased new for £14.)