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    brands top totty

    I do believe the only accessory that would have fitted my car.

    Thank you everyone for coming and parking up with us, I think you would all agree the weather was extremely kind to us all (during the day but not the night before brrrrr).
    There were many people involved in making this all possible for us all, and to them I give very special thanks (a cobra stand to truly be proud of with food and drink fit for kings (andy,gareth,jack, liz and chris ).
    There were prizes for best cob too supplied by Hallmark cars and the essex region.
    The Essex guys were truly out-blinged, but they are a great bunch to have at your right hand. The east kent region too are big friends.
    Once again great to meet you all and now you know how the south east region has it's fun please come and see us again you know we'll make you welcome.
    Thank you all.
    Dave AKA billy no mates . SRV8

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    Re: brands top totty

    Dave I have to agree the ultimate accessory.
    I cant believe none of us got her photo when the overalls were off altogether ??????
    Andy S (Maggot)
    SRV8 + CHEVY

    Isnt it a beautiful day - now watch some bastard louse it up !

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    Re: brands top totty

    Quote Originally Posted by dave.n
    I do believe the only accessory that would have fitted my car.
    Wonder if GD list one of those as an accessory for the new bodyshell shape?
    Adrian - 350 SBC/RPM, 3550 TKO, 3.54PL, 2005 GD Jag, stopped counting at £28.5k.
    Status: J224 must have developed a fuel leak as my tank appears to be permanantly empty

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    Re: brands top totty

    Andy thats the one I was talking about not one off me I see my self 24 7. I will ask Emma about the Flowers later.
    :thumb: JACK :thumb:

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