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    Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    OK, despite living 400 yards from a large Tesco, we tend to drive the 4 miles or so the the nearest Sainsburys. The reason being that Tesco never stock the item you want, if they do it will be out of stock, if by soime miracle it's in stock it's a cheap nasty 'own brand'.

    However, occasionally when we just need one or two basics that (we hope) even Tesco can't screw up, we venture up the road as indeed I just have.

    Having plouged through the shelves of crap I eventually find some products closely related to the ones I actually wanted and made my way to the tills.

    Quelle surprise, they're all busy and stacked up 10 deep, including the '10 items or less' tills that are stacked up 20 deep.

    HOWEVER, i have a trusty ace in my pocket and go to the 2 staff behind the tobacco / lottery / sweets area, who are twiddling their thumbs doing F all, with my 3 items.

    They then point to a newly installed sign which states that from the 9th October they can't serve me. The reason?

    You're going to love this,

    No really.....

    They don't want to keep customers waiting.

    So instead I have to go and stand in a que for 10 minutes watching the moron twins twiddle their thumbs and turn other CUSTOMERS away, waiting for someone to buy a Lotto ticket.

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    Re: Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    Sympathy. But It do'es cut both ways. I get equally annoyed when I've queued up at the normal checkouts with my trolley, And then have to queue again for my fags and lottery behind people with £2 worth of shopping who nearly always faff about paying on a Credit Card
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    Re: Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    I don't like carrying cash...
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    Re: Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    Bring back the corner shop ...that's what I say ...can remember never having to que in there.....thinking of it...can't remember seen another soul in there

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    Re: Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    I was watching that Jamie Oliver programme on TV the other night, he went to a market in Italy and bought fresh fish straight away, no queue. I agree small shop local using local products. I'm sure that all the Bird Flu, etc in the world is caused by all the crap that is put in to keep it fresh!!. Anyway, I agree with Tesco and all other large shops the queue's are stupid.


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    Re: Bl00dy F'in Tescos (Again)

    We have a Spar in our village - great place, but so popular there are usually queues there too.

    I thought you could demand more tills be opened in Tesco if there were more than "x" people in the queue? Or have they stopped that now?

    Poorer service everywhere is down to the bean counters - less staff means lower prices which they think is what people want. Personally I often pay a little more to get quicker/better service.
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