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    Sometimes it is just good to count our good fortune. We are so lucky people just to be able to have the chance to drive these brilliant cars.

    I have just spent 3 days getting over a stinker of a cold and today planned on a short early morning drive to clear my head so to speak (with fur hat and blanket over the legs etc). But when I woke up there was light snow in the air and it was pretty gloomy.

    As the day wore on the snow flurries disappeared and we've just enjoyed a beautifiul almost spring like afternoon. It has been really cold here recently and my car basically lives outside under a car port (and under 2 covers) and I haven't driven since just after Christmas. Nevertheless, after connecting the battery isolater, the Cob started on the first turn of the key and I've just enjoyed a glorious hour's drive in the foothills of Rokko mountain.

    In another 5 or 6 weeks spring will be well and truly here. can't wait.

    Now where's that "to do" jobs list.....
    Nigel B

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    Re: Therapy

    Nice one Nigel,
    I hope you didn't come across too many of those mad drifters.
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