This is just a copy of my post from the newbie section.....

Just a relatively quick post to say hello to you all. Have just spent the last......2 hours reading through a few posts, trying to broaden my knowledge in the world of Cobra's.

I dont own one yet!!!!.....but as soon as I find some spare time from work, ill be giving Dave from DB Replica's a call, unless he calls me first (used the request system on his site...if I did it correctly), to start what I hope to be relatively painless, but sure to be extremely exciting process of getting myself a Dax built.

A little background since the age of...must be...8 years old, i have been facinated by anything and everything to do with cars, but up until the age of 18 I couldnt afford to actually start buying them and experiencing the highs and lows of motoring. A Cobra came screaming past us once and I was blown away..

To cut a long story short, part-time work and student loans allowed me to buy my first car, a Peugeot 206 GTI I imported from Belgium. Was a scary process but worked out and I saved 3k off list price in the UK. From then on I couldnt stop, next was a BMW M Roadster (student days over and fell into a job in finance), followed by BMW Z4 Roadster (great disappointment), back to another BMW Roadster, tried to be sensible and bought a VW Golf Mark 1 GTI (great little car), saw the Mazda RX-8 reviewed on Top Gear by Clarkson...test drove one bought one 3 weeks later, being sensible couldnt last changed to a BMW M Coupe, hired a Porsche 996 Turbo to drive to Le Mans 24 hour race for 4 days (brother filmed most of the driving including our max speed run of 174 mph in France...didnt take long in the Turbo and didnt actually seem that fast to be honest very strange), 6 weeks later couldnt do anything but buy a 996 Turbo, had the Turbo tuned at AMD in Bicester (great bunch of guys) took it up to 509bhp and 512 lbs ft torque. This made the car sound like a Porsche Le Man Race car (tunnels were fantastic), anyway then stumbled into a BMW show room 6 months ago and fell in love with a shiny M6. M6 is a great GT car, but a guy who lives in the same village as my parents, drove past me the other day in his Cobra, and re-ignited my passion for them again.

Ever since been thinking about it, found my very old copies of 'KitCar' and started reading about them again.

Hang on, Jesus, did I say at the beginning of this 'Just a quick post?' ...oops I can get carried away.

Anyway, again, hello to all, i hope to be joining the 'Cobra ownership clan' soon, and when I do ill be the happiest bloke in Wales!!

P.S. When is the next 'meet' as I would love to come along and have a look around and have a chat?