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    Anyone in Folkestone? Need a Favour.....

    I'm catching the 9:25am ferry from Dover on Wednesday 13th June for Le Mans. I've managed to find a place to sleep for the Tuesday night (mother-in-laws flat with no parking) but I'm in need of some parking for my Cobra for the night.

    Is there anyone who has a safe place I can put the Cobra for about 12 hours overnight? Garage is preferred as car has no roof, but I know I can't be fussy! The flat is located in/by The Leas??

    I know it's a bit cheeky but if someone could lend my car a space for the night, it would be MUCH appreciated as I don't fancy leaving it on the road somewhere with my Le Mans stuff in!

    Beer/food/car ride/delightful conversation offered in exchange

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