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    Talking Rover V8 oil capacity.

    Hi again, I have a Pilgrim MK3 fitted with a 3.5 RV8. I understand it is from a Range Rover ( engine no 25D 02175 A ) Question is - how much oil should it have in it ? The reason for asking is that when I bought the car it was over the ''full'' mark on the dipstick. I recently replaced the oil & filter ( as i was unsure of the quality of the oil in originally ) & was told it should have 5.7 litres in with a filter change ? I put in 5.7 litres & the level is only half way between full & low ? Also before I changed the oil there was quite a few oil leaks from the engine, these have now all but stopped so this leads me to beleive it was too full. The stop on the dipstick has been brazed so I suspect it is a made up one, but I'm worried if there is enough oil in the engine. Oil pressure is now a lot better than before @ around 25psi at 60 mph in top but I put this down to the better quality oil I have used.
    Any advise would be appreciated. Regards Phil.

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    Phil if your engine has a proper range rover sump it should take without oil cooler around 11 pints I think.


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    Agree about 10 to 11 pints if changing fliter too. About a pint remains stuck to everything unless you use a oil flush. These engines are high volume low pressure systems. Valvoline 20 50 Racing is best IMHO giving best OP at all temps. They do not like modern oils - 10 30's etc.

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    I think 5.7 ltrs is about right. I use 20/50 I think Duckams or castrol. Dont forget to prime the system if pre 1993, serpentine engine, I think. I did'nt once. Ouch, but if you've got oil pressure you should be ok.

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