Hi All

I spoke with the organisers of the "Classics at the Castle "show last night - 20th July - Sherborne Dorset

Friendly bunch - it sounds as if it will be a busy show with the Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini Clubs attending amongst others as well as 650 vintage and classic cars.

So I have chatted with the Wessex CRC and together we have about 12 cars going (at this moment)

Keith - the organiser has promised a 50' X 100' pitch for us.

The cost is 8 per car - so again I have acted as banker and booked for 12 cars at this time (and sent the cheque)

So far we have 3 from Dorset - plus Mark Dix, Tim Cooke, Mike Taylor, Steve Basset, Chris Cluett, Barrie Pipkin, Steve Richards, James Milward, Martin Bowden

So I'll get all the entry passes and sort where we meet up.

Will keep you informed.

Anyone else I've missed ?

Give me a shout and I'll amend the form !!!!!