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    Good call on the manifold bolts; I've done that, too (on the FE, as well, with the iron heads, so not a light engine!)
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    You can only use the manifold bolts if you fit the heads back on first. The head bolts with washers should be good enough.

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    As a final closure on this thread (incase anyone comes a searching) and as it's a pet peeve of mine were forum threads have no conclusion:

    You may of read some other threads i've posted this in, but here it goes:

    We eventually decided and shipped the entire cobra and boxes of engine and exhaust bits over to John Sleath Race Cars in Doncaster earlier this year for him to do an initial diagnosis and report then do what was necessary to sort it out.

    Anyways after a couple of weeks, report came back with a number of issues, namely:

    CAM - wrong size/type currently installed (apparently from a camper van) and pitting/marks on lobes - so new Comp CAMS hyd roller cam fitted
    Valve Springs - wrong type (incorrect pressure) installed - new CC Behive springs fitted
    Lifters - slightly worn, but as new CAM going in made sense for new hyd roller lifters
    Oil controller rings - not controlling oil, lack of pressure - New rings all round
    Cylinder bores: Completely glazed, very shiny - bores rehoned

    After all the engine work and it being reinstalled and tuned etc, RR session produced a figure of 320rwhp, compared to 245rwhp when done on same RR 7yrs ago.

    So goes to show how poorly it was. Did 50 mile drive home from Johns place and definitely an angrier car now - lol , but still docile in traffic and seemingly getting similar MPG too. Need to do oil change at around 300 miles or so and use 10W40 classic rather than the usual 20W50 due to hyd roller setup prefering thinner oil.

    Would definitely recommend John, certainly knows his stuff , busy bloke, and has worked on a considerable range of vehicles.

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