The Revotec EFC I have in my cooling system doesn't seem to work. I have wired it into the GD Loom, using the GD relay rather than the one supplied with the EFC. From the EFC I have taken the black wire to earth, the red wire to a 12v supply (I have checked this and I am getting 12v to it) an the blue wire to the Green\black in the GD loom. I have spoken to a few people and this seems to be the way to wire it...............but it doesn't work!!
As stated, I have 12v and a good earth so I'm not sure how else to check. Within the GD Loom there is another Green\Black for a fan override switch. I have used this to a lucas switch and the fan works fine when I turn that on.
Any idea's for checking this out would be greatly appreiciated!