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Thread: Tredegar house

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    Tredegar house

    Anyone know why its moved to Sept?, and are we going?. I might make it this year.
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    I think September was the normal date although last year it was moved forward due to the golf later in the year.

    I have sent off my entry form today and expect others from the Bristol branch will be going. I also expect Kev to go, if he hasn't sold his car.



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    I plan to be there, car or no car.
    As Paul said September is the normal timing for this one.
    Pencoed is the first local show for us in South Wales, week after Stoneleigh I think.
    Not sure if I'll make Stoneleigh again as we're off to Egypt to be eaten by sharks, we might just be back in time.
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    Utterly unable to think as am wrapped up in trying to get that new house.
    Kev, if I can get out I would love to go and if you have sold up I may even give you a lift (so I have a captive audience to give you a hard time about why you ain't finished yer build yet).
    Hope to get mind in gear any month now!
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    After checking the website for Tredager House they list:

    18 Sept Vintage Car Rally

    .... so I am assuming this is the day we are referring to

    Kev - last time we spoke you mentioned about adding me to the area mail list so not sure if you remembered hint hint If you have already sent out info for this event would you knidly forward it on. Thanks.

    Paul B - you want to meet up & drive across...... you know of any others from local area going to this?

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