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    for sale

    Kev see your cob for sale, why, dont you love us any more?
    ‚ÄčI will not go through life meekly so as to arrive at death safely.

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    I dont really want to know what you Welsh boys get up to regarding "giving each other love"........but as far as Cobras go, I think Kev fancies becoming a serial builder
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    GD Euro mk4, 427 C.I. LS7, 540 hp...SOLD
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    That's about the size of it Steve / John.
    I'm just ready to build another one but need to sell this one first.
    I'm not made of money you know.
    Had a few enquiries over the winter but no serious takers.
    I'll re-advertise in the spring I think.
    I don't want to risk ordering a new one until this ones gone.
    So it could end up a Cobless summer?
    Kev Davies
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