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Thread: what diff ???

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    RE: what diff ???

    I run about 3.64 (Granada + Rover 'box +15 inch rims) - which is a pretty good compromise between off-the-line acceleration & crusing . However, if you're going to be doing a lot of 'crusing' I'd recommend something more like 3.3 ish !


    My next engine will have a capacity in cubic inches equal to my Forum post count !!!

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    what diff ???

    hi guys
    I have recently got my Sumo V8 on the road, unfortunately the diff is making strange noises whines and so on, obviously it needs replacing the question is what is the best Sierra diff for the job, I would prefer acceleration rather than top end speed. Engine is Rover 3.5 untuned, apart from diff problem I am very pleased with the Sumo. Cheers GBH

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