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Hi Rich
Believe I was the second owner from 2006-2008 possibly, bought from hallmark cars as was in North Chingford now located in hainault,
6.3 Ltr Chevy 5 speed Tremec TKO box, high cap sump, polished ali engine bay gleamed it did as long as you kept cleaning it, Edelbrock covers, Msi ignition, all braided hoses, had orange indicators then
Side pipes were a pain to keep nice, (roughly covered about 1800-2000 miles) From memory I'd replaced a battery,12v socket on left of tunnel, on a trip down south
Coast Plymouth way to show it of to a friend the country roads I hit a peace of granite which unfortunately took the sump out, the electrics to the fuel pump, it's hose also
Immediately coasted to a stop to see what damage had been done. Fortunately the guy I was visiting knew a few people. We managed to get the car to his dad's place where his garage had an inspection pit "go figure!" We removed the damaged sump cover with gash in it and amazed at the bottom end of the engine. We repaired the wiring and lucky found some transparent reinforced fuel hose, but the problem was the sump he made a call and 2 hours later this guy pulled up in a tatty old Peugeot
he had a look at the car then he was gone with the sump. Three and bit hours later he turns up
About 10pm by now with this gleaming freshly painted red sump not only repaired but reinforced,
also cans of fully synthetic oil.
I was blown away in truth, so don't always judge a book by its cover. To top it turns out he was one of Colin mcrays mechanics may he rest in peace.
So gone 11pm now I took the guy out on a test drive around Plympton surely waking more than a few people up along the way, sorry!
He said it was very civilised at the end, I had plenty to be grateful for that day and to look back on as I drove back to London that night. "In the rain" well of course it would.
On selling car I had it respray in a Toyota dark plumb'ish colour with little extra fleck, as was recommended by Dax by a pro firm near Bermondsey south of the river. Reason was showing signs of surface cracks and light scratches and i wanted best money on the sale of car.
Believe the next owner was based up in Scotland
I'm sure hallmark cars sold this car as an agent more than few times for further info/leads. (Mike?)
P.S get some glue for the carpets they tended to lift.

I hope my story has enlightened you as it did me in the world of Cobras great fun!

Did you have this car at Le Mans classic 2006/2008?? If u did that's where I saw it.