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    warranty transfer

    hey guys, so im planning to buy a second hand welder from someone on craigslist who owned the longevity machine for almost one in a half year. the machine has a 5 year warranty. what should i check for to make sure that its worth getting for a used machine. i don't care that its used i just want to make sure that it works well. my friend and i are chipping money in to get one for this spring. we will be learning to weld some car parts together. some advice is much appreciated. thanks.

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    You'll probably need the original receipt for the machine to stand any chance of retaining the warranty.
    Quite often you find in the small print that the warranty is non transferable too.
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    Try and take someone who knows what they are doing with you to try the unit. A decent welder will know what to look for, see how it performs and probably have a better idea of what materials, thicknesses etc that the unit can cope with beyond what the spec sheet says. Have to agree with Kev re the small print but if you have receipt who can say you didn't buy it originally.

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