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    As said the poll tax was fairer just set far too high, i personally think there should be a council tax which each house band starts lower say £200 for an A band adding £200 every band you move up , plus you need few more bands top end too, then a portion added for each inhabitant living there say £200 per person over 16, much fairer as a nicer house pays bit more than a 1 up 1 down but then everyone pays the same per person part, BUT needs to be fair ! This way the 10 nice people from another country, living in a flat here pay their way, as does the single person in a nice house(Just my idea and guess at figs though )

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    Quote Originally Posted by dingocooke View Post
    .oh, you're minted, that's £22 a gallon to behind with UB40 card in hand pays 70p a gallon

    Stands back to be flamed
    So why should members of a 1978 British reggae / pop band get cheap petrol????
    Lost. 1 portion of common sense! Somewhere between here and last week. If found please have it committed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wetpool View Post
    Maybe Craig, you can make a list with countries that have a similar tax system which seems to annoy you but that you'd welcome in GB(?) and countries that welcome you without hassle...
    I know Austria will require you to buy a temp. tax sticker, if you want to use the highways that is.
    Maybe you never take your Cob across the channel, but you won't be charged taxwise as far as I know.
    Would like to keep coming to your side once in a while...
    The reason it annoys me abroad is because we don't do it here, and I think we should.

    Is it mere coincidence that the countries that employ these methods of obtaining revenue have a much better (and smoother) road system than we do in the uk?

    Craig Perry

    No, I'm not "repairing" it, I'm fine tuning its performance.

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