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    So .. anyone here have their AK with Vince Gibbs at the moment?

    Spotted on Facebook today:

    Someone having their headers wrapped and valve covers tidied.. anyone here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronjb View Post
    Spotted on Facebook today:

    Someone having their headers wrapped and valve covers tidied.. anyone here?
    That’s Paul’s (psh). Vince made a very nice sump guard for him previously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronjb View Post
    Spotted on Facebook today:

    Someone having their headers wrapped and valve covers tidied.. anyone here?
    Sorry Arron, missed this post, but yes , that was my AK having a load of work done by Vince Gibbs Classic Cars ,who himself owns a SRC with a 6.3 SBC. Vince was highly recommended to me by Denis when I was having no luck figuring out why my cob was intermittently miss firing like hell and running badly. Vince suspected my intermittent miss fire was down to the dizzy and confirmed his theory by taking the exact same dizzy out of his cob and sticking it in mine, which cured the fault. Turned out to be the “Trigger wheel” intermittently slipping on the shaft.

    Anyway, knowing that Vince specialises on American, classic and unusual cars , and takes a lot of care while working on customer cars ,I decided I didn’t want to yet again take out the leaking radiator out for the third time ( which has now been replaced with a brand new Alloy rad from AK Sportscars) . I wanted to enjoy driving my cob, and not spend the next few years working in my tiny cramped garage getting my AK sorted,which would have made some of the jobs impossible so I bit the bullet and gave it to Vince, and he has done a fantastic job and I am now very happy with all the upgrades ,and how the AK looks and drives and have been out in it as much as possible terrorising the neighbourhood

    Fortunately Vince’s labour charges are about half what garages charge and as you can see on his FB page you linked to , I got him to do the following upgrades,

    Copper Radiator swapped for Alloy rad.
    Roller rocker and spring assembly check.
    Swap to SBF “cobra” rocker covers, really smartened up the engine bay.
    Exhaust manifold DEI Titanium wrap.
    All rubber fuel hoses swapped for metal pipes.
    Electric choke swapped for manual version, which is miles better.
    Apem (Savage) switches, including push button start replaced with more period correct Lucas style toggle switches.
    During switch swap, modified multi earth connection strip and discovered loose faulty contacts on voltage stabiliser, so new VS fitted.
    Drilled discreet holes in underside of doors to slide bespoke tubes up and over the loose side screen door inserts, to beef them up.
    Leaky silicon hoses swapped for black rubber hoses.
    Single moped horn swapped for two 120 db PIAA dual sports horns and new horn push button mounted on dash, as existing steering wheel horn push copper contact ring was disintegrating.
    Spyda Fuel wizard installed and calibrated.
    Buzzer and control PCB circuit which I built, wired into indicator circuit, much safer.
    Screen demister system modified to allow heat into foot wells or onto screen , via a couple of new diverter valves in each foot well. This was my wife’s request, as she didn’t like getting frozen legs on evening drives.
    Existing halogen head light bulbs swapped for LED bulbs and head lamp units swapped for Lucas units, which has totally transformed night time driving, very impressed.
    Starter motor indexed farther away from block and bespoke Starter motor heat shield fitted between starter motor and block/manifold, to reduce heat soak symptoms, which has done the trick.

    So this just leaves me to fabricate and fit a glove box door, which should be a nice fun little project
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